W is a research collective that studies action in a performance setting. What does it mean to act as others watch? What characterizes the relation we call theater?

To answer these questions, W simultaneously develops three complementary approaches: a practice, which builds tools and techniques for the actor; a critical method, which suggests reception guidelines for the spectator; and a theory, which works towards defining notions useful to the first two approaches.

In particular, W produces games, a score writing software, a lexicon of operational notions, workshops and practical sessions, critical seminars, as well as articles and conferences.


  1. The Bloc takes the form of an improvised conference in five voices: it collectively elaborates a discourse addressed to an audience.

  2. The Bloc begins when its five available spots are taken by any members of the audience.

  3. The Bloc starts with “Hello” and ends with “Thank you.”

  4. The game’s discourse is made up of brief statements made by the players in no particular order.

  5. The topic of the discourse is never determined ahead of time. It always starts from the present situation. In other words, the first statements addressed to the audience must involve a reality shared by all.

  6. In some way or another, each statement must expand on those preceding it.

  7. One statement can never contradict another.

  8. The Bloc says “we” rather than “I.”

  9. The players never talk amongst themselves.

  10. The Bloc refrains from bringing up ideas unrelated to the main topic of discourse.

  11. The Bloc refrains from talking about itself.

  12. The Bloc isn’t afraid of silences.

  13. Players are required to stay seated until the end of the Bloc, except in the case of irreparable disagreement with what is said. In this case, the player leaves the Bloc and their vacant spot can be filled by any other audience member.

  14. One round lasts up to twenty minutes. Time is called out fifteen minutes after the first statement is made. The Bloc is deactivated once all players have said “Thank you” and returned to their seats in the audience.

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