W is a research collective that studies action in a performance setting. What does it mean to act as others watch? What characterizes the relation we call theater?

To answer these questions, W simultaneously develops three complementary approaches: a practice, which builds tools and techniques for the actor; a critical method, which suggests reception guidelines for the spectator; and a theory, which works towards defining notions useful to the first two approaches.

In particular, W produces games, a score writing software, a lexicon of operational notions, workshops and practical sessions, critical seminars, as well as articles and conferences.

Organon is a free and shared software that allows you to partition any performance, action, activity or process.

Organon uses W Notation, a system that works from tasks or instructions stated in common language and organized according to a rigorous syntax.

Organon allows an existing performance to be noted for preservation or transmission purposes. It is also a compositional tool for choreographers, directors, performers - and anyone who wants to organize or model an action.

Visit Organon.pw.